What is zc.intid?


zc.intid provides an API to create integer ids for any object. Objects can later be looked up by their id as well. This functionality is commonly used in situations where dealing with objects is undesirable, such as in search indices or any code that needs an easy hash of an object.

This is similar to the zope.intid package, but with the advantage of inducing fewer ZODB conflict errors, since object ids are not used as part of the stored data. The id for an object is stored in an attribute of the object itself, with the attribute name being configured by the construction of the id utility.

This does require that the object being registered “play nice” with this approach. At a minimum, the attributes used to store ids on objects should

  • persist with the rest of the object’s state, and
  • not be modified by the object.

Events generated on the assignment and removal of ids are generated by the register() and unregester() methods rather than by the callers of those methods.


zc.intid may be installed using pip:

pip install zc.intid

For information on configuring zc.intid, see Configuring.


zc.intid is hosted at GitHub:

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